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We Sell 4 Models of Our Hand Crafted Round-Top Chicken Coops™

The New Round-Top Duck Coop

We’re a family owned chicken coop builder located in the Central Texas Hill Country.

When we say Hand-Crafted in the USA, we’re not using wiggle words. Our wood comes from the Pacific Northwest, our roof metal from the east, the bulk of our fasteners from the US too. AND we then fabricate the chicken coops we sell at our residence ranch in Central Texas. We are extreme backyard chicken ranchers, not just re-sellers of chicken coops. Buy a coop from Urban Coop Company and not only get a great chicken coop, gain a trusted experienced resource too.

Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Backyard™ Chicken Coop

Our Round-Top Backyard™ model is by far our most sought after chicken coop and for good reason! There is no easier, practical and beautiful way to keep up to 20 hens (depending on configuration) and can be added to as you go.

Round-Top Mobile™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Mobile™ Chicken Coop

The Round-Top Mobile™ chicken coop is for those who portability is the major consideration. Keep up to 4 hens in style with this cool little coop. It’s fold out roost wing design stands out as a signature feature.
Round-Top Walk-In™ Chicken Coop

Round-Top Walk-In™ Chicken Coop

For customers who want to walk right into their chicken coop, we introduced the Round-Top Walk-In™ coop. Like all of our coops, its 100% cedar, heavy duty and ships as a kit right to your door. House up to 20 chickens with ease and the convenience of full standing height.

Round-Top Duck Coop™

Round-Top Duck™ Coop

Thinking about ducks or already have them? Why not keep them in a custom designed coop that features a 20 gallon pool, wash-through sun-pad and special laying area designed just for ducks. It will comfortably house up to 4 average sized ducks and comes standard with our Easy-Fill Feeder and Easy-Fill Waterer.

Make your new coop… yours with custom options too!

Want to learn more, visit our Facebook page and see comments from some of our coop owners all over the US.  And no matter which coop you choose, you can’t rest assured that we’ll help you through your new purchase and new chicken keeping endeavor.

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